Today, companies are exposed to constant pressure to adapt to new requirements in the market. This has an impact on the required competencies of employees. While some employees adapt to new requirements easily, others might benefit from an external career assessment or a professional coaching. Sometimes, however, completely new competencies are required to cope with future challenges, which may lead to separations.

You have to give notice to an employee

  • We can advise and provide support in advance of a planned termination to facilitate a smooth process between yourself and the employee (termination preparation, termination agreement, etc.).
  • Together we assess how much support is needed for the employee to be released, determine the needs and requirements of the exit and find a tailor-made solution. This not only includes the duration and depth of our consulting but also the choice of the most suitable consultant.
  • We start the consulting process as soon as possible, i.e. as early as possible after the individual has been notified. This helps to alleviate the shock for employees that have been given notice and ensures that new perspectives are recognised sooner. On request, we will also be on-site to support affected employees immediately after notice has been given.
  • We regularly provide feedback on the status of the consulting process (on the process only and not the actual content of the consultation).

You need to close a department, an office (location) or the entire company

  • We provide advice on how to support the affected employees through Group Outplacement and together with you, design a consulting solution customised to your needs
  • We support you in the project planning taking into consideration factors such as the type of employees e.g. blue/white collar or leadership, location for discussions, etc.
  • We advise you in advance of the planned terminations to ensure that the separation process is as smooth and free from conflict as possible, not only for you, but also for the employees.
  • As required, we can prepare your leadership for the termination discussions and take over the project leadership.
  • As required we can be on location when the termination discussions take place and offer first hand support with a team of advisors and psychologists.

You want to obtain a better insight into an employee’s potential and professional objectives

  • In many situations, a company wants to gain more insight into a particular employee's capabilities, goals, and motivators. Is there a need for further development? Would an intended promotion be suitable? Would the additional tasks increase motivation?
  • As external consultants and sparring partners, we offer the company and its staff support in the above and help to develop further career perspectives.

You would like to have an external sparring partner to support your employees or the organization navigating in critical times

  • You want to promote the leadership effectiveness of individuals and teams in your company.
  • You would like to foster the integration of new managers in your organization
  • We discuss the individual case with you and propose a suitable approach
  • As professional coaches we work with your employees or teams on the interface of “behavior and business”. Results-oriented and pragmatic – yet empathic and appreciative.


  • As an organisation you demonstrate social responsibility and values of the company, thereby promoting your reputation both internally (retention) as well as to the outside market (potential new employees).
  • You constructively deal with challenging situations with your employees and the organization
  • Avoid legal disputes and negative PR due to disappointed employees
  • You benefit from being able to correct miscasts without conflict and thus help the organization adapting to changing requirements.
  • Duration and costs of the separation are clearly budgeted. you receive regular feedback on progress and success of the professional reorientation.
  • We support you in the preparation of termination discussions and may also provide further support such as e.g. be present on site to emotionally stabilize affected employees (crisis intervention), answer questions, etc.
  • During this difficult time for affected employees, we provide professional, neutral support, enabling employees to quickly and successfully reorientate themselves.
  • You save resources in project planning and implementation.

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